World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport


The World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport, first held in Burton Manor, England in 1991, has a long history as an international, academic event. In 2021 the WCPAS will be celebrating its 30 year anniversary as a distinguished platform for both established academics and people of industry in the field of performance analysis.

Past Events:

2018: Opatija, Croatia
2016: Alicante, Spain
2014: Opatija, Croatia
2012: Worcester, England
2008: Magdeburg, Germany
2006: Szombathely, Hungary
2004: Belfast, Northern Ireland
2001: Cardiff, Wales
1998: Porto, Portugal
1995: Pattya, Turkey
1993: Cardiff, Wales
1991: Burton Manor, England

International Symposium on Computer Science in Sport topics:

Past Events:

2019: Moscow, Russia
2017: Konstanz, Germany
2015: Loughborough, England
2013: Istanbul, Turkey
2011: Shanghai, China
2009: Canberra, Australia
2007: Calgary, Canada
2005: Hvar, Croatia
2003: Barcelona, Spain
2001: Cardiff, England
1999: Vienna; Austria
1997: Cologne, Germany